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Online event


The virtual Summer School will be hosted over Cisco Webex conferencing platform.


How to attend

To attend the online event you will need the following:

  • a laptop or a personal computer

  • speakers or headphones

  • reliable internet connection

  • installed Cisco’s Webex application (
    NB! You do not need to create a Webex account!

Although Webex can be used via web browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, IE, and also via a mobile app, we strongly recommend downloading the Cisco Webex application to your personal computer or laptop for complete functionality, especially while attending the workshops.

Be prepared

All workshops and keynote lectures will have the unique Webex meeting links.

  • Links to the keynotes will be published on the webpage

  • Links to the workshops will be sent to the registered guests only

If you have not used Webex before, we recommend to take a quick peek into the following 2,5-minutes long video: 

If you wish, you may familiarize yourself with the Webex, test your meeting and computer readiness here: 

For downloading the Webex application, please use this link:  

If you face technical problems such as failure to connect the Webex, to hear the lecturers or to see, please contact the team:  

Each workshop lecturer will contact you for additional information.


During the session

  • While joining the event, you must always use your full name. Your name is required for identification purposes.

  • During workshops and lectures, the host will need to take a snapshot of all the participants. For that you will be asked to switch on the camera and provide your full name.

  • We kindly ask you to keep your microphone muted at all times.

  • If you wish to ask questions, please use Chat (right side, bottom).

  • Please address the question to Everybody or to the Co-lecturers / Moderators who will answer your questions or forward it to the lecturers.
    You may find the names of co-lecturers / moderators in the programme.