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Use Computers, Print and Copy Materials

Information Centre

The number of computers in the reading areas has been reduced. If you wish to use a computer, please turn to the consultant. The time of use is limited to one hour per person. While using the computer, it is advised to wear a protective mask and gloves. The computers and additional devices will be disinfected after each use.

The National Library offers free Wi-Fi and computer access. After the user has been logged out, any saved materials can no longer be recovered. 

In addition, in the Cartography and Geography Reading Room on the 8th floor, we also offer free access to a computer with ArcGIS Desktop 10 software for creating and designing new maps.


Computer hardware and software


  • Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers, 

  • OpenOffice office software, 

  • Adobe Reader, 

  • ID card software. 

There is a computer with MicroSoft Office software at the Information Centre (5th floor), Law and International Organizations Reading Room (6th floor) and Humanities Reading Room (7th floor).


  • integrated ID card reader, 

  • DVD/CD player available from the reading room consultant, 

  • USB ports, 

  • audio input/output, 

  • Estonian/Russian keyboard. 

Authorised workplace - full texts from the digital archive DIGAR!

At the library’s authorised workplace, readers can access digital legal deposit copies: e-books and other materials, access to which has been restricted by the publisher and which are stored in the digital archive DIGAR. Internet access and printing are not available at the authorised workplace. 

Other equipment

  • Reading TV in the catalogue room of the Information Centre on the 5th floor  

  • 2 microfilm readers in the catalogue room of the Information Centre on the 5th floor 

Copying and scanning

For copying and scanning, you can use: 

  • self-service copy and scanning machines from Print-in-City, which are available in all reading rooms (except the 8th floor). To use the machines, you need to have a Print-In-City account.  

  • A self-service black and white copy machine is available at the Information Centre on the 5th floor. See our price list.  

  • Two self-service black and white scanners are available free of charge at the Information Centre on the 5th floor.  

If scanning or copying by yourself is not possible, you can also order paper and digital copies of materials in the collections of the National Library.  


  • To print out materials, you may use the printer located at the consultant’s desk in each reading room. See the price list for printing.  

  • There are self-service copy and scanning machines from Print-in-City available in all reading rooms. To use the machines, you need to have a Print-In-City account

Attempting to print out a large PDF document (30 pages or more) directly from the web may cause the terminal to freeze, restart, or return an error message in the browser. To avoid this, please first save the PDF document from the web to the desktop, open the file, and then print it. 


Free Wi-Fi is available in the foyer and the reading rooms to all visitors of the library. As it is a public network, the library cannot guarantee the security of the network. The user is solely responsible for the security of their laptop. When using the Wi-Fi, readers are subject to the rules and good practices outlined in the EENet Acceptable Use Policy in force at the National Library.  

To use the Wi-Fi: 

  • make sure Wi-Fi is enabled and activated in your laptop; 

  • make sure that you have selected the right network: “nlib-lugejad”; 

  • Once connected, open a web browser and accept the rules of the National Library to receive access to the Internet. If you do not accept the rules, you will not be able to access the Internet; 

  • make sure your computer’s IP address is obtained automatically, otherwise you will not be able to access the Wi-Fi network. 

The use of reader computers at the National Library is governed by the Rules for Using Computer Workstations (Rules for Using Computer Workstations in Estonian and Rules for Using Computer Workstations in Russian). Changing the software settings and installing additional software in the library’s devices is prohibited.