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Refresher Training

We offer training and cooperate with librarians and other employees of a memory institution.

The National Library is a central institution of refresher training for Estonian libraries, operating under the notice of economic activities No. 176998 registered in the Estonian Education Information System on 30 March 2017.

The vocational training programme is primarily aimed at librarians who do not have education in librarianship and information science. Vocational training takes place in four modules on the basis of the training programme related to the librarian professional competence requirements. This programme is based on the librarian professional qualification standard level 6 that comprises the following competences: making collections, processing and preserving collections, reader and information services, development, and cross-cutting competences such as digital competence, language skills, etc.

The natural person who has paid for the training has the opportunity to receive an income tax refund according to the Income Tax Act.

Additional information and ordering a training session: Margit Jõgi, tel. 630 7123, e-mail