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Publisher portal

On 1 December 2016, the National Library launched its new e-services environment: the Publisher Portal. 


ENTER Access to the Publisher Portal at 


Publisher Portal helpdes
Phone: 6307 100, Mon–Fri 9–17 


The Publisher Portal is intended for all Estonian publishers, where they can: 

  • announce new publications,  

  • apply for standard numbers for publications, 

  • archive files, 

  • manage publication-related legal rights, and 

  • view statistics on how their publications are used. 

To use the portal, users must first create a publisher account. Publisher accounts can be created by any legal or private person engaged in publishing in the Republic of Estonia. Portal users must be pre-authenticated, i.e. log in with their user credentials, ID card, or Mobile ID. To do this, you must register as a user of the National Library of Estonia. 


On 1 January 2017, a new Legal Deposit Copy  came into effect, making digital publications and the output-ready files of printed publications as important as printed publications. As of January 1st, book publishers who also have a standard number application in the portal can submit the legal deposit copies of their publications via the Publisher Portal. Publishers of periodicals are currently still required to upload the output-ready files, i.e. print files, of their newspapers and magazines to the FTP server of the National Library of Estonia. 


How can I join the Publisher Portal? 

  1. To join the Publisher Portal, you must first register as a user of the National Library. For additional information, see: Alternatively, you may also contact us by phone at 630 7100 or e-mail at

  2. If you are already a registered user of the National Library, but your data need to be updated, you will automatically be redirected to the relevant page when creating your Publisher Portal account. 

  3. Once you have registered as a user of the National Library, you must create a publisher account in the Publisher Portal at by clicking on the button “Register publisher account”. 

  4. Publisher accounts can be created for legal as well as private persons. If you are a private person, you must enter your personal identification code in the appropriate field of the account application form, or, if you are a legal person, your commercial register code. Legal names are verified upon saving the application. If a publisher with the name entered by the user already exists in the Publisher Portal, the user will be displayed the corresponding message. 

  5. If a publisher with the same name already exists in the Publisher Portal, you can ask an employee of the National Library or the superuser of the publisher account to add you as a user of that account. 

  6. Publishers who have previously submitted files to the digital archives as a depositor are already entered into the Publisher Portal. 

  7. After completing the account application form, you will receive an account activation link via e-mail. Please check that you have entered the correct e-mail address in the Publisher Portal to receive the confirmation. 

  8. The first time you enter the Publisher Portal, you must use the activation link sent to your e-mail address to link your details to the account. The link can be used only once and it will expire in 48 hours. The person who created the account is automatically assigned superuser privileges. 

  9. One person can also be a representative of multiple publishers. In such a case, when you log in, you are offered the choice of which publisher’s representative you would like to continue as. 

  10. In the future, you can log into the Publisher Portal from the home page by clicking the button “Sign in” and authenticating with your ID card, Mobile ID or National Library user credentials. User authentication is required to ensure confidentiality and to log user activities. 

  11. If your login is successful, you will be redirected to the publisher’s home page, where you can apply for standard numbers or view your publications. 

  12. You can also invite other users by e-mail by selecting My menu->My account->My users->Invite new user



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