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Programmes for Students

The aim of our educational programmes is:  

- to portray the National Library as a positive, open, and modern organisation; 

- to instil in children the habit of visiting the National Library and the confidence to do so already by an early age; 

- to develop the information literacy of current and future library users, as well as their knowledge and skills to use the library effectively.  

The National Library's educational programmes are FUN, INCLUSIVE, COLLABORATIVE and help to develop student's CREATIVITY as well as to support and enrich the CURRICULUM.

- Our educational programmes are free of charge for students! 

- Group size is 10–25 people. 

Note! The programmes are offered on business days from 10:00 to 16:00 and must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. 

Additional information and booking: Angelica Õunapuu, Head of Educational Activities, e-mail:

For English speakers, we offer the following programmes:

Treasure hunt: How Do You Do, National Library? (basic and upper secondary school) 

Brief introduction 

The treasure hunt is an active group game where students can independently get to know the building and services of the National Library through searching for hidden treasures (knowledge, experiences). At the end of the treasure hunt, the students will be asked to present the treasures they have found. The main objective of the treasure hunt is to inspire students to keep coming back to the library! 

Duration: 60–90 minutes 

Target audience: grades 5–9 

Thematic class on information sources: How to Find Reliable Sources for Writing Research Papers (upper secondary school)

Brief introduction 

The class gives an overview of the National Library’s services and teaches students how to use the e-library’s databases. Students will be taught practical tips on how to find information on the Internet and the library’s online environment and will learn about the evaluation criteria and rules for using the sources they have found. 

In this practical class, students will work through information-searching exercises on different topics, conducting searches in online search systems (Google Scholar and Google Books), the ESTER online catalogue and the e-library’s collections (digital archive DIGAR, DIGAR Estonian Articles portal, the National Library’s search portal). 

Duration: 45-90 minutes 

Target audience: upper secondary school