Personal Consultation – If You Need More Guidance! | National Library of Estonia

Personal Consultation – If You Need More Guidance!

If Google is simply not enough or you feel like the vast amount of information is confusing you, come to personal consultation.

Our specialists will help you find the information you need and teach you how to use our databases. The service is free of charge. 

Fill in the registration form and we will contact you to make an appointment. The consultation will be carried out either online or at the library and it takes about one hour.

To book your personal consultation please contact us by email at

The personal consultation can be useful if you:

  • are writing a research paper or thesis and need help to find books and articles on your topic;

  • you want to learn how to use various databases to find professional information; 

  • you need more information about the library’s services.

Personal consultation is mostly for students, teachers, scholars and specialists, but we also welcome everyone who needs more knowledge on how to find information.

The consultation takes place:

  • Online using Webex – you need a computer or a smart device, headphones or speakers, microphone and webcam. Our specialist will send you detailed instructions on how to join the video call.

  • At the library – our specialist will contact you and make an appointment to meet at the library.