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Permanent Exhibitions

Eduard Wiiralt 

The Eduard Wiiralt Gallery opened in September 1996 thanks to Harry Männil and Henry Radevall, who donated a large collection of Eduard Wiiralt’s works to the city of Tallinn. The donated collection consists of 62 prints and drawings by Wiiralt, of which 20 original works have been displayed periodically. In addition to the gallery set up to display the collection, in collaboration with the donators, in 1998, the Eduard Wiiralt Prize was established together with the Estonian Contemporary Graphic Art Exhibition, which has raised the library’s reputation and importance as an art centre and is held every three years. The awarding of the Wiiralt Prize is organised by the National Library of Estonia, the Tallinn Department of Culture, the Estonian Artists’ Association, and the Association of Estonian Printmakers.  

Check out the Wiiralt Gallery catalogue.

Estonian national decorations 

The Estonian National Decorations Gallery was completed in 2008 in honour of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and was established in collaboration with the Government Office. The current owner of the collection of national decorations is the Office of the President of the Republic. The model collection of national decorations on display at the gallery is as complete as possible, including the Cross of Liberty introduced during the War of Independence. The collection does not include the Order of Merit of the National Coat of Arms, Special Class. 

Check out the Estonian National Decorations Gallery catalogue.