Music Reading Room | National Library of Estonia

Music Reading Room

Located on the 8th floor.muusikasaal

Contact details:, 630 7141

In the Music Reading Room, visitors can listen to vinyl records, CDs, and audio cassettes.

The Music Reading Room’s audiovisual room can be used for watching DVDs and VHS recordings, and is also equipped with a stereo system. The audiovisual room may be booked in the booking system

The Music Reading Room also has a piano room that contains a Blüthner piano. 

The room may be used for a fee of €2/hour. The piano room may be booked in the booking system.

In the Music Reading Room, you will find: 

  • music books, reference works, Estonian and foreign-language music magazines; 

  • musical scores; 

  • audio recordings; 

  • video recordings of Estonian film classics, operas, concerts, ballets; 

  • programmes of concerts and performances; 

  • personal collections of Estonian composers and musicians: the collections of books on and musical scores of works by Cyrillus Kreek, Mart Saar, Veljo Tormis, Eduard Tubin, as well as a collection of scores and records of the music of Hendrik Krumm, and a collection of scores of the music of Tiit Kuusik.