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Information Centre


The Information Centre is located on the 5th floor of the library.  Information Centre

Contact details:, 630 7100 

The Information Centre also contains a Children’s Area, group rooms, and the Miller Salon.

The Information Centre can be contacted for information on the National Library’s services, borrowing and returning books, ordering (digital) copies of publications in the National Library’s collections as well as books and copies of articles from other libraries, and using computer workstations and the Print-In-City self-service printing terminal.

The Information Centre’s catalogue group room is equipped with microfilm and microfiche readers, as well as a reading device for the visually impaired.

The Information Centre can also be visited to see the most recent additions to the National Library’s collections, which are updated every Monday. 

Items in the recent additions exhibition may not be borrowed. 

The Information Centre’s open-access shelves hold:

  • general encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, biographies, bibliographies, and yearbooks; 

  • books on science, popular psychology, health care, and home economics; 

  • publications on Estonia, its nature, history, national culture, and e-Estonia;  

  • the series of books “101 Eesti …” and “Eesti ... sada aastat”, as well as books published in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. 

The Information Centre houses the following card catalogues: 


Revalsche Zeitung: articles, 1860–1871

Note! The card catalogue may be accessed by contacting the consultant at the Information Centre. 

Volume: 16,000 entries 

Compiled: 1990–1994 

The catalogue is a register of literature on life in Estonia as well as foreign culture, economy, and politics compiled into a bibliography de visu from the newspaper. The subject catalogue is complemented by a catalogue of persons and locations. Revalsche Zeitung is referred to as Revalsche Ztg

Estonian press articles

Note! The card catalogues may be accessed by contacting the consultant at the Information Centre. 

The catalogues contain articles, notices, interviews, and other writings published in Estonian newspapers and magazines in the years 1918–1944 and 1952–1991. The entries have been compiled de visu. Each card catalogue consists of a subject, person, and location catalogue. 

Estonica card catalogue

Subject catalogue 

Volume: 93,000 entries 
Compiled: 1978–1994 

The catalogue consists of publications from outside of the former USSR published in Estonian or about Estonia starting from 1940, including books, periodicals, and articles. 

The classification is based on UDC. The entries are ordered chronologically within each subject. The catalogue is accompanied by a controlled vocabulary. 

Person catalogue 

Volume: 106,300 entries 
Compiled: 1978–1994 

This catalogue is an alphabetically ordered list of the authors of the entries in the subject catalogue; writings by the author are followed by those about them.