Collections | National Library of Estonia


The National Library of Estonia supplements its collections in accordance with its duties as a national, parliamentary, and humanities and social sciences library. 

  • Under the Legal Deposit Copy Act, the library collects, preserves, and provides access to printed, audiovisual, electronic, and online publications published in Estonia. 

  • To fulfil our role as a national library, we strive to compile exhaustive collections of publications published in Estonia or abroad in the Estonian language, publications by Estonian authors and their translations regardless of the place of publication, as well as foreign-language publications published abroad on the topic of or containing information about Estonia. 

  • To fulfil our role as a humanities library, we primarily collect publications in the fields of art, music, history, culture, language, and literature to support the study of the humanities. 

  • To fulfil our role as a social sciences and parliamentary library, we collect publications in the fields of law, economics, politics, and other social sciences, as well as publications by international organisations. 

In order to ensure the integrity and preservation of and access to the collections, the collected materials are regularly reproduced in accordance with an annual reproduction plan. Digitised publications are available via the digital archive DIGAR and the portal DIGAR Estonian Articles.