Catering | National Library of Estonia


  • Our catering partner Jahh Catering operates in the same building, knows all of our facilities and services, and also offers catering to the visitors of the Conference Centre. 

  • Additionally, guests can visit Café & Buffet Poogen on the first floor for a convenient buffet-style lunch or dinner. The café can serve 250 people in around 20 minutes.  

  • Café & Buffet Poogen can seat up to 200 people and accommodate a total of 400 people for a standing reception. 

The choice of catering facilities largely depends on the number of participants and the nature of your event.  


Outdoor catering 

  • If you have a fixed contractual partner or if you would like to order catering from outside the National Library, please let us know. Depending on the catering volumes and times, an additional room rental fee and a security service charge may be added to the final price.