Cataloguing Source Codes | National Library of Estonia

Cataloguing Source Codes

One of the requirements for digital catalogue records is the ability to identify which organisation created the record and who has modified or corrected it.

In MARC21 format, the cataloguing source code is written in field 040.

It is mandatory to add the code of the library that created the original record, modified the content data or corrected the existing record.

The codes must be unique. Therefore, when providing codes, it is advisable to keep in mind other potential organisations in the area that might also want a code.

The registrar who is the National Library of Estonia should be notified of every code issued.

Creating the code:

  • Research and special libraries create their own codes

  • Central county libraries create the codes for public and school libraries

Issued codes:

  • Public and school Libraries (7 September 2016)

  • National, research and special libraries (6 July 2019)

  • All libraries (6 July 2019)