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About the Conference Centre

The building of the National Library on Tõnismägi is a landmark building in Estonian limestone architecture. Of the three major projects by top architect Raine Karp – the Sakala Centre, the Linnahall convention centre, and the National Library – it is the only one that has survived to this day and is still fully in use.  

The National Library serves the Estonian state as a preserver of cultural heritage, and the mission of the Conference Centre is to provide a venue for events that are of cultural and social significance for Estonia. 

When hosting an event at the National Library, you will have access to a range of services based on values such as reliability, customer focus, creativity, openness, and innovation. The Conference Center aims to instill these values in your events. 

Thanks to its convenient location in the centre of Tallinn and a wide range of conference rooms and services, the National Library is a unique venue suitable for hosting a variety of events. 

Here you have access to modern audio and video equipment, as well as the library’s Wi-Fi. 

The pride of the Conference Centre is the high-ceilinged Main Conference Hall with limestone walls, which can accommodate up to 300 people, has a stage for concerts, performances, and other such events, and is fitted with professional audio and lighting systems. 

In the foyer of the National Library visitors will find the Muusa bookstore, galleries, and Café Poogen. Catering can be provided in all conference rooms. Customers have access to the library’s databases, collections, and reading rooms and can visit exhibitions and attend theatre performances. 

To book a room, please contact us by e-mail at konverents@nlib.ee or by phone at +372 630 7262

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