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DM4 : Esinejad / Speakers

Sissejuhatus/Introduction | Kava/Programme - Ettekanded/Papers

Pekka Heikkinen
Chief Legal Adviser, National Library of Finland

Pekka Heikkinen has worked in different ministries and universities as legal adviser, primarily in copyright law and data protection law. During spring 2010 he was employed by the Ministry of Culture in the National Digital Library project to study the copyright questions relevant for the project.
He is a member of different international organisations working groups: EBLIDA, Expert Group on Information Law; CENL network and copyright working group; Nordic Copyright Committee working group, Finnish Copyright Society; IFLA Copyright and Other Legal Matters Committee (term 2007-2011).
In 2006-2009 he was a member of Finnish Copyright Council. The role of the Copyright Council is to advise the Ministry of Education in the preparation and interpretation of the national Copyright Act.

Harald von Hielmcrone
Copyright Advisor, Danish Library Associations. Chairman of EGIL, EBLIDA's Expert Group on Information Law

Since 1978 Harald von Hielmcrone has worked in university libraries in various capacities: Head of Public Services, Head of Acquisitions, and Head of Research. Presently he is Senior Consultant at the State and University Library in Aarhus, Denmark, primarily working with copyright, data protection and legal deposit. He has been member of various government committees advising on library and information policy issues, and in 1996-1997 he was secretary for the committee revising the Danish library legislation. He is also attached to IFLA’s Committee on Copyright and Other Legal Matters (CLM) as a resource person and has represented IFLA at WIPO meetings.

Aleksei Kelli

Aleksei Kelli is an Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu (Estonia) and, also, is a member of professional qualifications committee of the Estonian Lawyers Association. He holds a doctorate degree (PhD in Law) from the University of Tartu (2009) and has been a visiting scholar at Columbia Law School (Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts) and at Uppsala University Innovation.
Dr. Kelli has been involved as an IP expert in the work of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and, also, is a member of an expert group convened by the Ministry of Culture drafting the new Estonian Copyright Act. Furthermore, he has taken part in several EU and Estonian research projects as a key IP expert and has published a number of works on intellectual property, innovation, knowledge transfer and related issues.

Enrico Turrin
Federation of European Publishers

I graduated in Economics from the Bocconi university of Milan in 2000, got a master’s degree in International Affairs in 2001 and worked as a manager and lecturer at the Institute for International Political Studies of Milan between 2002 and 2008. Since 2008 I work as an economist for the Federation of European Publishers, where I deal mainly with issues such as statistics and VAT and I am the main responsible for the ARROW project (in FEP).

Regina Varnienė-Janssen

Since January 2011 she has been Director of the National Centre for Digitisation and Virtual Electronic Heritage System at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.
Regina Varnienė-Janssen is the author of over 80 scientific and methodological publications on bibliographic control, cataloguing, bibliographic and publishing standards, design of information systems, development of the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System, and collection and preservation of electronic resources in the Lithuanian and international professional press.
Regina Varnienė-Janssen took active participation in the activities of various national and international organisations. She was chair of the Technical Commmittee 47 “Information and documentation” of the Lithuanian Standards Board (1998-2007), a member of the IFLA Permanent UNIMARC Committee (1999-2005) and the Governing Board of the ISSN International Centre (2000-2007). At present she is a member of the Digitisation Board at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, the Standing Committee of the IFLA Bibliography Section (since 2003), the Scientific Board of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania (since 1992) and the Governing Board of the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS) (since 1996). She is an Associated Professor at the Institute of Library and Information Sciences of Vilnius University’s Faculty of Communication. She teaches courses Information Processing and Retrieval and Management of Cultural Heritage Projects.

Uldis Zarins

Uldis Zarins is the Head of Digital Library at the National Library of Latvia since 2009. Planning for digitisation and access of digitised and digital holdings has forced him to delve deeper and deeper in copyright in order to find out how far the library can go without breaking the copyright legislation. Currently he is a member of both IFLA Committee on Copyright and othe Legal Matters committee and EBLIDA Expert Group on Information Law, as well as representing libraries on national working group drafting amendments to the existing copyright law.


Seminar is sponsored by The Nordic Council and The Cultural Endowment of Estonia

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