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Professional training

The organization of training for librarians is a task set by the National Library of Estonia Act and the Library has a decades-long practice of performing this task.

The National Library organises continuous professional development and since 2006 also vocational training for librarians. Vocational training is in the first place intended for those librarians who do not have library and information science education. Continuous professional development is provided on the following topics vital for library performance: the essence of information literacy, information search and retrieval, social networking, the preparation for and delivery of user training, etc. Very popular are literary programmes, in particular those on Estonian literature.

The target groups of trainees include librarians from research, specialized, public and school libraries.

Vocational training provided by the National Library is based on The Vocational Programme for Librarians III that was approved by the Board of Estonian Librarians’ Association on 15 June 2005. Training providers are competent specialists from the National Library and experienced guest lecturers from other institutions.

The training courses consist of five modules that cover Librarian III professional requirements according to the professional standard. Each module includes auditory and independent work, seminars, practical assignments, and study visits to libraries. For the e-learning environment WebTrainer software is used.

More information: Krista Talvi, Professional Training Coordinator, Training  Centre of the National Library, tel 630 7129; e-mail Krista.Talvi@nlib.ee