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Open: Mo-Fr 10-20, Sa 12-19
The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22

ISSN application form


Information about the periodical publication
Please indicate which of the following statements corresponds to your application:
Applying for ISSN before publication is issued
Applying for ISSN for publication being already issued
Applying for ISSN for publication which has been discontinued
First number of publication will be issued/was issued in the year
Publication will start coming out (month)
Publication (former title) was last issued in
To compile a bibliographic record of the publication, please fill in the following:
Title of publication
Different versions of the title
On what medium publication is issued Print, CD-Rom, Diskette, Internet, Other
Language of publication
Former title(s) and ISSN numbers
Titles in other languages and corresponding ISSN numbers
Other information carriers and corresponding ISSN numbers
Other titles (appendixes, serials, etc) related to publication and their ISSN numbers
Place of publication
Address of publisher/editor (if different from the applicant’s)
Information about the applicant
First name
Institution or organisation
Postal address
Additional information
Before submitting the application, please check the correctness of the data.