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 Organisational Chart of the National Library of Estonia Seisuga:

Board of the National Library of Estonia
Director General
Director of Technology Services   Director of Library Services   Director of Building Services  
Learned Secretary
Research and Development
Archives Dept.
Secretarial Dept.
Personnel Dept.
Research and Development Centre
Accounts Dept.
International Relations Dept.
  Marketing Manager
Library System Manager
Telecommunication System Manager
Information Systems Dept.
Retrospective Conversion Dept.
Binding Dept.
Copying Dept.
Preservation and Conservation Dept.
Archival Collection Dept.
European Union Information Centre
Rare Book Dept.
Collection Management Dept.
Collection Development and Documentation Dept.
Fine Arts Information Centre
Circulation Dept.
Authority Control Dept.
Centre of Information Services for MPs
Re-cataloguing Dept.
Administrative Support Dept.
Maintenance Dept.
Publishing Group of the Journal Raamatukogu
Public Relations Dept.
Conference Centre
Exhibitions Dept.