E-kataloog ESTER

Artiklite andmebaas ISE

Digitaalarhiiv DIGAR

In August Mon-Fri 12-18, closed on Saturdays.
The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22

General Reading Room


is located on the 7th floor


Head: Enel Eestleol, tel 630 7414, e-mail Enel dot Eestleol at nlib dot ee

Reference librarian: tel 630 7395, e-mail yldlugemissaal at nlib dot ee


Here you will find

·        books on the following topics

-         education

-         natural sciences

-         agriculture

-         health care

-         social work

-         sports

-         home economics

·        magazines

-         published in Estonia

-         foreign general interest magazines

·        newspapers published in Estonia

-         dailies, weeklies

-         local newspapers

-         school newspapers

-         newsletters

-         newspaper ads

·        foreign newspapers


The General Reading Room is provided with microfilm and microcard readers and a reading machine for visually impaired users.


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