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Estonian Library Statistics


The task of the National Library is to conduct official library statistical surveys for all library types in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Statistical Office of Estonia. Statistics are prepared based on the Official Statistics Act and EVS-ISO 2789:2013 Information and Documentation. International Library Statistics. 

The National Library collects, processes and maintains the statistical data of libraries. The statistical indicators of libraries are available on the webpage. It is possible to request analytical reviews from the database.

Annual and summary tables 2001-2013 on Estonian library statistics by the types of libraries:

20152014 I 2013 I 2012 I 2011 I 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 I 2004 | 2003 

Margit Jõgi, Senior Specialist on Statistics, Training Centre of the National Library, tel 630 7123, e-mail: Margit.Jogi@nlib.ee