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Legal Deposit Copy Act


The new Legal Deposit Copy Act will enter into force in Estonia as of 1 January 2017, being a unique law worldwide and enabling to better organise the entire process of cultural heritage preservation. The new Act is going to profoundly change the role of the National Library of Estonia in storing cultural heritage. All legal deposit copies will be submitted to the National Library who in turn disseminates them to the libraries responsible for preserving them – the Archival Library of the Estonian Literary Museum, Academic Library of Tallinn University, and University of Tartu Library.

The most significant change introduced by the new Act is related to digital publications which will gain equal role with traditional publications. Together with each new print publication, the National Library is going to receive its digital dataset which reduces the necessity to digitise publications in order to ensure their preservation.

For the National Library of Estonia, the new Legal Deposit Copy Act brings new obligations but also opens up new challenges. The library is going to collect and disseminate legal deposit copies, and in case of need digitises print publications. Also, the digital dataset collected by the library enables to develop new services and make the library’s work more efficient.

The volume of digital material submitted to the National Library is going to increase considerably, as all publishers will submit their print files directly to the library. That will enable to raise the quality of existing services and develop totally new ones in the entire library network.

Additional info:
Kairi Felt, tel. 630 7590, Head of Collection Development Department, National Library of Estonia, email Kairi.Felt@nlib.ee
Krõõt Filippov, Communication Specialist, National Library of Estonia, tel. 630 7254, email Kroot.Filippov@nlib.ee