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ISBN application form for a printed publication

The Estonian ISBN Agency assigns ISBN numbers only to the publishers registered in the Republic of Estonia.

Data about the publication
Information on the binding:
hardcover, paperback, spiral binding, other
Retail price (incl. VAT)
Original language, i.e. from what language the book is translated (filled only if the book is translated)
1. Author: Surname
1. Author: First name

2. Author: Surname
2. Author: First name

Title of the original (filled only if the book is translated)
The following 2 fields to be filled only in case of a multivolume book.
Number of volumes: , Number of this volume:
Edition number
Size (pages)
Format (height cm)
Printing house
Location of the printing house (address, phone, fax, e-mail)
Title of series
... and part number
Date of publication  
Subject heading(s):
accounting, administration, agriculture, aphorisms, architecture, art, astrology, audiovisual items, bibliographies, biographies, children’s literature, construction, cookery books, culture, domestic science, economics, education, electronic items, enterprise, environmental protection, ethnography, exact sciences, fiction, finance, folklore, geography, health care, history, hobbies, informatics, jokes, law, linguistics, literary science, local history, management, manuals, maps, medicine, memoirs, military sciences, music, natural sciences, organisations, pedagogy, philosophy, politics, post, psychology, reference books, religion, science, social care, social sciences, sport, standardisation, state, statistics, technology, textbooks, tourism, transportation, travel books
Additional information on the publication
Contact information
Address (house, street)
Postal index
Contact person
Publishing activities
Have you published before? Yes, No
Do you have your own publisher identifier? Yes, No
If yes, then what kind?
How many titles do you issue per year?
Before submitting the application, please check the correctness of the data.