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Digital collections


The main objective of the National Library set up in its strategic programme is to develop the e-library to the same level with the traditional library. Among the outcomes of this process is the digitisation of national items, which are important from the viewpoint of cultural history, and making them available as digital collections.

The creation of digital collections has taken place at the National Library since 2003, when a project-based digitisation of Estonian newspapers issued before 1940 began. The list of digital collections has been increasingly complemented since 2007. More and more important has become the development of thematic collections.

The following digital collections are available via the web:

  • The digitised Estonian press DEA provides access to Estonian periodicals from 1821 - 1944 and the newspapers of the Estonian diaspora since 1944.
  • The collection of historical and city maps includes historical geographic maps of the Estonian territory and maps of Estonian towns drawn from the 16th century.
  • The collection of book illustrations includes original illustrations introducing the book design of Estonian artists.
  • The collection of travel prints holds more than 7000 postcards with the views of Estonia from 1900 - 1935, also travel guides and other books related to the theme of travel and tourism.
  • The collection of printed music for Estonian song festivals includes the choral sheet music of twenty five song festivals held from 1869 - 2009, among these the songbooks for all types of choirs that have participated, from male to children’s and selected choirs.

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