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Building reconstruction of the National Library has begun



Due to the reconstructions works of the facade and technical systems the National Library of Estonia will be closed to readers from 11 June to 26 August. 

After the reconstruction works the library building, which was completed in 1993, will become considerably more energy efficient that will generate further cost savings. The climate of the reading rooms, lightening, and storage conditions of items will be improved.

After the closure of the Library to readers on 11 June, the collections will be packed, covered, and relocated. At the time when the Library is closed; in addition to usual work, a large amount of card catalogues will be entered into the online catalogue. In July, the staff of the Library will have a collective vacation.

Although the Library is physically closed in summer, readers can use the e-library, to where they can register with ID card or Mobiil-ID. A reader who has logged into the e-library can create a personal information and research environment, to use licensed databases, save search results, and ask a librarian for advice. A large proportion of the Library’s e-resources are assembled in the search portal where there are more than 200 databases and it is possible to read more than 40 000 e-journals and about 10 000 e-books.

Mati Kibin, Director of Building Services

Annika Koppel, Head of Public Relations Department