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Open: Mo-Fr 10-20, Sa 12-19
The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22

Austrian Reading Room

| Österreichischer Lesesaal |

is located on the 7th floor of the Library

Head: Leili Naan, tel 630 7360, e-mail leili dot naan at nlib dot ee
Reference librarian: Mihkel Kõrbe, tel 630 7165, e-mail austria at nlib dot ee
Project manager: Maarika Paun, tel 630 7360, e-mail deutsch at nlib dot ee


  • The Austrian Reading Room gathers and disseminates information on the life and culture of Austria.
  • We respond to enquiries in the Reading Room, by phone, e-mail, and post.
  • In collaboration with our partners we organise seminars, academic and cultural evenings, exhibitions, theatre, literature and film evenings.
  • We introduce the Library and the Reading Room to students and schools, and, if requested, provide a thematic lesson.
  • In our Reading Room readers may watch films, listen to music and audio-books and there are places for language study and the use of laptops.
  • Home lending


The collections of the Reading Room hold more than 5 000 items: books, video films, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, audio books, and cassettes.

Subject fields

History, film, philosophy, linguistics, language study, literary science, culture, arts,

natural sciences, country study, economy, music, pedagogics, politics, psychology, religion, social sciences, theatre, tourism

The collection includes reference publications and a wide range of Austrian classical and modern fiction. The Reading Room regularly receives 18 journals; in addition, readers may use an online database of the new edition of the literary lexicon Kindlers Literatur Lexicon.

The Austrian Reading Room was opened on the initiative of the professor of the Salzburg University, Dr Henn-Jüri Uibopuu, on Toompea on 25 February 1991. The updated Reading Room was opened in the new building of the National Library in 1994, as a result of collaboration between the Embassy of Austria in Helsinki and the National Library of Estonia.

Main cooperation partners

Embassy of Austria in Tallinn
Austrian Foreign Ministry
Scientific Academy of Lower Austria
Estonian Association of Teachers of German

The cooperation partners complement our collections with new literature and support the arrangement of language study and cultural events.

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